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"But really, how did any of it happen? Circulating beneath this story is a current of desire. It was the underlying engine for everything that happened. A creative culture of individuals surviving by sharing space and tools, and aiming at a series of frenzied public deadlines? Late night waffle parties and shared beds, all that borrowing, arguing, and scraping it together? Totally fun!"

Stella Marrs in the foreword to Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music.

"They’re not one entity, there is no consistency, there is camaraderie and occasional fractious rifts between members (if indeed, membership is a thing that can be defined). There are a loose set of cues that anyone can pick up and run with, yet it’s hard to fake – the community is pretty good on vetting anyone who doesn’t ‘fit’"

Knowledge Is Faster Than Mortar. - John V. Willshire

"I’m going to spend an entire year investigating prisons in America. I’ll show you how U.S. prison practices are being exported to the rest of the world and dissect the systems that lead so many to be locked up in this country."

The Prison Problem by Shane Bauer — Beacon

This is going to be amazing, and important, I strongly recommend that you consider supporting Shane.

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